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trrack-vis Library

This library is intended to be used with trrack, a provenance tracking library, which can be found here. Trrack-vis can be used to visualize the non-linear provenance graph, as well as change nodes within the graph. Trrack-vis is designed to be highly customizable, allowing for the size and position of the graph to be customized, custom icons to be used in the graph, custom ways to visualize annotations, and the grouping of nodes.

Here are multiple examples using trrack and trrack-vis.

For documentation, see http://vdl.sci.utah.edu/trrack-examples/api/trrack-vis


  • NPM
npm install --save-dev @visdesignlab/trrack-vis
  • Yarn
yarn add @visdesignlab/trrack-vis

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