Lab Culture

We care about a friendly culture in our lab, so we have a series of activities to foster a collaborative atmosphere. You can get an impression on our photo album. Salt Lake City is a great place to do research, but also to play! Skiing, climbing, mountain biking, etc. is all immediately accessible in the vicinity.

Group Meetings

We meet weekly as a group to discuss a research paper, give feedback on research proposals, give test-talks for conferences, and build other soft-skills. Our meetings include all our PostDocs and PhD students, but also MS and BS students interacting with the group.

Group Retreat

Once a year we go on a hike and meet for food and drinks at Miriah’s or Alex’ house afterwards. Here are some pictures from these events.

2019 Group Retreat

2018 Group Hike / Retreat

2017 Group Hike / Retreat

2016 Group Hike / Retreat

Group Run

We jog together every Tuesday and Thursday! Check out our Strava Club.