We are a team of visualization researchers at the University of Utah. Our interests include the process of designing and developing visualizations, visualization for biology, visualization frameworks, and, more generally, visualization of big, heterogeneous, and complex datasets.

VDL is part of the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and the School of Computing.

Blog And News

Blog Post: What you Can do in College to get into a CS PhD Program 21 Nov 2020
Are you considering grad school? Here are a few steps you can take to maximize your chances. The bad news is that it’s best to start planning and working towards getting into grad school early: I recommend you take first steps some time at the end of your sophomore year in college. The good news is that the process is not only about admission, but will give you a good sense of what grad school is like and prepare you for it.
Blog Post: What we Should and Shouldn’t Change About the VIS Review Process 3 Nov 2020
The review process at IEEE VIS hasn’t changed in the last decade. Here I lay out some suggestions to make the process more equitable, open, and to possibly raise the quality of reviews.
Blog Post: The Interpretivist Lens – What Design Study as a Method of Inquiry Can Teach Us. 30 Oct 2020
Much of the current conducting and reporting on design studies leaves little room for contributions outside of the end tool or technique. An interpretivist approach embraces the messy, subjective nature of design studies and emphasizes the ways in which we can conduct research of this nature with rigor. In this post, we advocate for interpretivist design studies and give three recommendations for conducting them.
Blog Post: Introducing Trrack – A Library for Tracking Provenance on the Web 28 Oct 2020
Tracking a history of actions of an interactive visual analysis session (i.e., its provenance) has benefits ranging from simple undo/redo, to enabling reproducibility, to making post-hoc analysis of user sessions possible. However, there are no established provenance tracking libraries that visualization developers can use with their web-based tools. This blog post introduces Trrack – a web-based library designed for easy integration in existing and newly developed visualization systems.

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