reVISit: Supporting Scalable Evaluation of Interactive Visualizations

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reVISit is an open-source software toolkit and framework for creating, deploying, and monitoring empirical visualization studies. Running a quality empirical study in visualization can be demanding and resource-intensive, requiring substantial time, cost, and technical expertise from the research team. These challenges are amplified as research norms trend towards more complex and rigorous study methodologies, alongside a growing need to evaluate more complex interactive visualizations. reVISit aims to ameliorate these challenges by introducing a domain-specific language for study set-up, and a series of software components, such as UI elements, behavior provenance, and an experiment monitoring and management interface. Together with interactive or static stimuli provided by the experimenter, these are compiled to a ready-to-deploy web-based experiment. We demonstrate reVISit's functionality by re-implementing two studies --- a graphical perception task and a more complex, interactive study. reVISit is an open-source community project, available at


Yiren Ding, Jack Wilburn, Hilson Shrestha, Akim Ndlovu, Kiran Gadhave, Carolina Nobre, Alexander Lex, Lane Harrison
reVISit: Supporting Scalable Evaluation of Interactive Visualizations
IEEE Visualization and Visual Analytics (VIS), 31-35, doi:10.1109/VIS54172.2023.00015, 2023.


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We are grateful to Cindy Xiong Bearfield, Lace Padilla, and Danielle Albers Szafir for advice on the requirements of a study platform. reVISit is funded by the National Science Foundation (CNS 213756 and 2213757).