Jack Wilburn

I’m a software developer here at the Visual Design Lab where I work on full stack deployments of open source projects. Most of the code I deploy is created by faculty and students in the MS and PhD programs.

I got my Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Westminster College here in Salt Lake City, UT. During my degree, I focused on data science, machine learning, dev ops, and more.

Until recently, I worked in the marketing analytics industry for a start up called Emperitas. While there, I built graph database applications, machine learning models, and customer lifetime value solutions for clients all over the U.S.

My personal site is here.

Jack Wilburn
Jack Wilburn,
Software Developer

SCI Institute,
School of Computing,
University of Utah
72 South Central Campus Drive,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Room: WEB 3823



Peer-reviewed Journal and Conference Publications

Sanguine screenshot

Haihan Lin, Ryan A. Metcalf, Jack Wilburn, Alexander Lex
Sanguine: Visual Analysis for Patient Blood Management
Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare at AMIA (VAHC), 2020