VDL back at IEEE Vis

We’ll be back at IEEE VIS this time in Baltimore. Our students will be presenting multiple papers and also host a party together with other SCI members! Make sure to say hi, come to our talks and to the Party.

Our activities are:

  • Alex Bigelow is presenting his paper on bridging between drawing tools and generative tools in InfoVis. Check out the nice demos on a bridge between Adobe Illustrator on D3.
  • Lace Padilla is presenting joint work with Sam Quinan and Miriah Meyer on Evaluating the Impact of Binning 2D Scalar Fields in InfoVis.
  • Alex Bigelow shows his work on Resonant Lab for creating visualization components at the Workshop on Visualization in Practice.
  • Nina McCurdy is presenting at BELIV on Action Design Research and Visualization Design.
  • Sean McKenna presents his poster in the meet the candidate session. Get in touch with Sean if you want to learn more.
  • Alex Lex is hosting the Visualization in Data Science Workshop on Monday.