Derya to Present at Info+ Conference

derya akbaba will be discussing her and Miriah Meyer’s lightening talk “Reflections on applying feminist theory to visualization research” at the Info+ Conference on Sept. 28, 2021. The talk is a reflection of on-going work with feminist scholar Lauren Klein.

Link to lightning talk.

Talk abstract

Emerging work in feminist visualization is invaluable to the community: highlighting overlooked areas of work, implicating our research with ethics, and introducing important concepts from feminist literature. The value of feminist theory as a how-to guide for design principles is critical and necessary, but we believe there is more work that theory can do. Specifically, feminist theory is a lens we can use to better characterize interaction with visualizations to understand how knowledge is gained, along with generative ways to expose systems of power entangled with it. We present our process for engaging with feminist theory, preliminary results, and our speculations for future feminist visualization research.