Multivariate Network Visualization Techniques

A companion website for the STAR Report on Multivariate Network Visualization Techniques.


This is a companion website for a review article on multivariate network visualization techniques.

Multivariate networks are networks where both the structure of the network and the attributes of the nodes and edges matter. It turns out, these are very common. Every person in a social network, for example, has both, relationships and lots of other characteristics, such as their age, the school they went to, or the city they live in. Multivariate network visualization techniques are designed to be able to show both, these attributes and the structure. Using these visualization techniques, we can analyze, for example, if a network of friends predominantly went to the same high school.

The visualization research community has developed many techniques to visualize these kinds of networks, and our review article – and this website – are designed to help you sort through these options.

Browse through the techniques illustrated below, or use our wizard to find the right multivariate network visualization technique for your datasets and tasks!

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