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Persistent And Reusable Interactions In Computational Notebooks
A Jupyter Plugin

Interactions that Last

Interacting with a Persist chart alters the underlying dataframe without having to write additional code. This means that you'll be able to use visual cues to alter your data without having to look tedious documentation.

Operations are Trracked

All operations that you perform on your charts will automatically be stored in a Trrack provenance graph. Moving between various states of your chart is then managed in a built-in UI.

Arbitrary Vega-Altair Charts

The Persist wrapper works with any type of Vega-Altair chart in your Jupyter notebook. With one function call, you'll be able to leverage all the utilities that Persist has to offer.

Persist Table

With the Persist Table, you'll be able to easily manipulate your dataframe with a responsive, intuitive UI.