Connecting Genes with Diseases


We present a visual data mining application using the combination of clinical data, pathways and biomolecular data. Using pathways to navigate and filter the clinical and molecular data allows a more systematic and efficient investigation of problems in modern life science. A multiplicity of hypotheses can be evaluated in the same period of time, enabling a much better exploitation of the data. We present a system for data preprocessing and automatic classification, a set of visualization views and finally the integration of the views in the Caleydo visualization framework, which enables the coupling of molecular and a broad spectrum of clinical data. With the help of the Caleydo framework the medical expert can identify connections between genetic parameters, patient subgroups, and drug responses in an intuitive way.


Heimo Müller, Robert Reihs, Stefan Sauer, Kurt Zatloukal, Marc Streit, Alexander Lex, Bernhard Schlegl, Dieter Schmalstieg
Connecting Genes with Diseases
Proceedings of the Conference on Information Visualisation (IV ’09), 323--330, doi:10.1109/IV.2009.86, 2009.


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