BubbleNet: A Cyber Security Dashboard for Visualizing Patterns

BubbleNet screenshot


The field of cyber security is faced with ever-expanding amounts of data and a constant barrage of cyber attacks. Within this space, we have designed BubbleNet as a cyber security dashboard to help network analysts identify and summarize patterns within the data. This design study faced a range of interesting constraints from limited time with various expert users and working with users beyond the network analyst, such as network managers. To overcome these constraints, the design study employed a user-centered design process and a variety of methods to incorporate user feedback throughout the design of BubbleNet. This approach resulted in a successfully evaluated dashboard with users and further deployments of these ideas in both research and operational environments. By explaining these methods and the process, it can benefit future visualization designers to help overcome similar challenges in cyber security or alternative domains.


Sean McKenna, Diane Staheli, Cody Fulcher, Miriah Meyer
BubbleNet: A Cyber Security Dashboard for Visualizing Patterns
Computer Graphics Forum (EuroVis), 35(3): 281--290, doi:10.1111/cgf.12904, 2016.


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