Reflection on Reflection in Applied Visualization Research


Reflection is a core method used by visualization researchers to generate knowledge from design practice. There is, however, a lack of standards to inform reflective practice and through which we can judge the quality of the reflection used in visualization research. Reflecting on this gap, we offer priorities for researchers looking to improve the use of reflection in applied visualization research.


Miriah Meyer, Jason Dykes
Reflection on Reflection in Applied Visualization Research
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 38(6): 9-16, doi:10.1109/MCG.2018.2874523, 2018.


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We gratefully acknowledge our colleagues that helped us to reflect on reflection: Uta Hinrichs, Remco Chang, Petra Isenberg, Heidi Lam, Tamara Munzner, Nina McCurdy, Ethan Kerzner, Sarah Goodwin, Sara Jones, Jo Wood, and Alexander Kachkaev. We are also grateful to Alex Endert, Michael Sedlmair and Ivan Viola, Panels Chairs at IEEE VIS 2017.