Filemon Mateus

I am a PhD student at the Kahlert School of Computing completing a research rotation under the supervision of Alexander Lex. My prior research experience used tools from Computational Topology to develop provably robust Machine Learning methods suitable for high-dimensional spaces with non-Euclidean structure. Most recently, I work on Digital Accessibility with the long-term goal of making the web a more inclusive and participatory space for all.

In support of my research efforts, I was awarded the Google DeepMind Post-Graduate Fellowship in 2020 and the University of Utah Graduate Research Fellowship in 2022. Prior to these awards, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Westminster College jointly advised by Professor Peng Yu, Professor Erin Martin, and Professor Christopher Mooney. Before that, I was a Davis Scholar at UWC-USA.

Filemon Mateus
Filemon Mateus,
PhD Student

SCI Institute,
School of Computing,
University of Utah
72 South Central Campus Drive,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Room: WEB 3720