Jimmy Moore

My research centers on how everyday people engage with technology, and how we can make their experience more intuitive. I was co-advised by Miriah Meyer and Jason Weise and worked on the National Institute of Health’s PRISMS project. The goal of this project was to help “develop health monitoring systems for measuring environmental, physiological, and behavioral factors in pediatric epidemiological studies of asthma”. My contributions involved working closely with users to understand how they thought about their data, then developing and deploying interactive visualizations to help them visualize this information.

I’m a bit of an atypical CS student, and even more so a visualization researcher. My academic background is in math and physics with some professional R&D experience as an electro-optic engineer for spice. I came to Utah for a scientific computing PhD, but switched course to visualization in order to pursue a more collaborative and problem-driven line of research.

When I’m not working I like to cook and play synthesizers.

Jimmy Moore
Jimmy Moore,
PhD Student

SCI Institute,
School of Computing,
University of Utah
72 South Central Campus Drive,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

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Peer-reviewed Journal and Conference Publications

interview screenshot

Jimmy Moore, Pascal Goffin, Jason Wiese, Miriah Meyer
An interview method for engaging personal data
The Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT), 2021

gap screenshot

Jimmy Moore, Pascal Goffin, Jason Wiese, Miriah Meyer
Exploring the Personal Informatics Analysis Gap: 'There's a Lot of Bacon'
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (VIS), 2021

porter screenshot

Rohan Patel, Jimmy Moore, Jeffery Stuart, Sonia Hernandez, Basak Alper Ramaswamy
I'll Have the Porter: Interactively Visualizaing the Results of Statistical Maneuver Analysis
The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, 2021

sensors screenshot

Shruti Hegde, Kyeong T. Min, Jimmy Moore, Philip Lundrigan, Neal Patwari, Scott Collingwood, Alfred Bach, Kerry E. Kelly
Indoor Household Particulate Matter Measurements Using a Network of Low-cost Sensors
Aerosol Air Quality Research, 2020

AQ&U screenshot

Jimmy Moore, Matthew Dailey, Zachary Wilhelm, Kerry Kelly, Pascal Goffin, Anthony Butterfield, Jason Wiese, Wei Xing, Katrina Myquyen, Thomas Becnel, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon
Engaging Middle and High School Students in Hypothesis Generation Using a Citizen-Scientist Network of Air Quality Sensors
American Insitute of Chemical Engineers, 2019

maav screenshot

Jimmy Moore, Pascal Goffin, Miriah Meyer, Philip Lundrigan, Neal Patwari, Katherine Sward, Jason Wiese
Managing In-home Environments through Sensing, Annotating, and Visualizing Air Quality Data
Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT)(Ubicomp), 2018

2018_ieee_epifi screenshot

Philip Lundrigan, Kyeong T. Min, Neal Patwari, Sneha Kasera, Kerry Kelly, Jimmy Moore, Miriah Meyer, Scott C. Collingwood, Flory Nkoy, Bryan Stone, Katherine Sward
EpiFi: An In-Home Sensor Network Architecture for Epidemiological Studies
2018 IEEE 43rd Conference on Local Computer Networks Workshops (LCN Workshops), 2018


Thesis-moore screenshot

Jimmy Moore
The Personal Informatics Analysis Gap
University of Utah, PhD Thesis, May 2022


Salt Lake Tribune, 2018
If you could see how chores impact your home's air quality, you might do them differently, Utah study says