Dylan Wootton

I’m an undergraduate student working with Miriah Meyer and Alexander Lex.

Dylan Wootton
Dylan Wootton,
Undergraduate Researcher

SCI Institute,
School of Computing,
University of Utah
72 South Central Campus Drive,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112


Peer-reviewed Journal and Conference Publications

revisit screenshot

Carolina Nobre, Dylan Wootton, Zach Cutler, Lane Harrison, Hanspeter Pfister, Alexander Lex
reVISit: Looking Under the Hood of Interactive Visualization Studies
SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2021

Selected Posters

Arctic Explorer screenshot

Dylan Wootton, Ethan Ransom, Alexander Lex
Arctic Explorer: Visualization of Sea-Ice Concentration along Arctic Shipping Routes
Proceedings of the IEEE Information Visualization Conference – Posters (InfoVis), 2019